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White Glow
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  1. W Line Travel Kit

    A must-have complete skincare set for fairer, more radiant skin. This mini White Glow Line Travel Kit is great for travel and lets you glow on the go!
  2. W1. Rich Bubble Cleanser

    A rich bubble foam cleanser that gently removes impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin radiant, supple and well-hydrated without the tight, dry feeling that accompanies most harsh cleansers.
  3. W2. Even Tone Essence

    A specially formulated alcohol-free essence that instantly hydrates skin for a radiant, luminous and even-toned complexion. It also soothes and prepares the skin for the absorption of BSKIN WHITE GLOW Enriched Brightening Serum.
  4. W3. Enriched Brightening Serum

    An enriched serum which penetrates the skin rapidly to replenish moisture, inhibit melanin production and reduce pigmentation. Its fully natural formulation leaves skin luminous and dewy-looking without the use of any harsh chemical-based ingredients. Over time, the skin appears firmer, plumper, healthier and more radiant.

  5. W4. Illuminating Day Cream

    A lightweight yet potent day cream that intensely hydrates and illuminates the skin while infusing the skin with powerful active ingredients to diminish the appearance of dark spots and dull, uneven skin. Over time, the skin is infused with a youthful glow and is left refreshed, radiant and revitalized.

  6. W5. Refining Night Cream

    A luxurious moisturizing and brightening night cream that is designed to work while you sleep to repair, soothe and refine your skin. It enhances the skin’s natural renewal process to ensure you wake up to naturally radiant, deeply nourished and glowing skin.

  7. W Line Complete Set

    The BSKIN White Glow Line is a 5 step program designed to awaken your inner glow.

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    To: HK$2,684.00

Set Descending Direction


7 Item(s)